Wireless LED's, Affordable (if you can get them)

@shop posted a thread back in June about cool little Wireless LED’s.

Well it appears that Adafruit is selling a nice little 10 light kit for $15. The bad news is they are selling like hotcakes and always out of stock. .

Small Inductive Coil and 10 Wireless LED Kit - 5V : ID 5140 : $14.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

You’re Welcome!


Oh btw, I learned about them from a Tested YouTube video.

$15 Wireless LED Light Kit Tested—Does It Work? - YouTube


I bought a pack of these a few years ago, they are NOT wireless, but use three tiny button cells. I’m posting here because I think it might be of interest to people who find Norm’s video above interesting. The cost of the whole pack is less than it would cost to buy the batteries, so you can consider them disposable. I had one that the batteries ran out, and I just pulled them from another unit. They are fun to, for example, throw into a helium party ballon, or Japanese lantern.

I have built them into door deadbolts and gate latches to show when they were not locked or fully-closed. Batteries last for years in that kind of application. Obviously requires some ingenuity with mechanics and wiring, not an out-of-the-bag solution. I built one into a mailbox to show when the mail was delivered, but the batteries only last a few hours max so that project was scrapped.


These actually are “wireless”. Though you have to include that in quotes because they do in fact have quite a bit of wire in them. But there’s no internal power source or physical connection to an external source. Instead there’s a simple coil of wire attached to the LED. If you watch the video in the first link from the OP, you’ll see the person holding the wireless LEDs in her hand has her hand positioned over a large copper-wire hoop. The LEDs use induction to produce power that’s being radiated by that big coil. There’s no physical connection - the power goes through the air.

Used to be, something like this was considered unusual. Now, with all the cell phones that come with wireless charging, it’s becoming ubiquitous.


I was referring to the ones I purchased and linked to, using button cells.

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Ah. I can see that, now. :slight_smile:

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I love LEDs! They can help a cool project really cool! I didn’t actually know about these wireless ones though, thanks for sharing!

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