Wish Item: Scaling Setting with Design Size

I would like to have a “Scale Settings with Design Size” function. What do I mean? I’m glad you asked! So I have a design that has my carefully tested settings perfected and I am low on material and I shrink it to 75% in size (when you give us the option to type it in, it will really be good but for now I zoom in and use edge rulers), now I have to calculate each task and increase Speed by 1.33x or reduce Power to 75%, kind of a pain when I have 5 to 10 tasks but where it really gets crazy is when I exceed one of the limits, eg. Task #1 Score: Speed=450 / Power=220, scale design down to 75% would cause it to pass the 500 Speed limit and have to drop the Power ?? The math is not too hard but from the tests I’ve done, changing speed and power simultaneously doesn’t follow a formula that I can find, too many variables, then factor in all the tasks. A function that can do it close having a comparable result would really be great. I tend to adjust each task only by Speed for the whole design, or only by Power but not to mix the two. I try to thank people who give answers but they close the threads so fast all I can do is “Like” them. Thanks, R.L. Hamm

I am missing something. Why do you need to change speed and power when you change the size of a design? If I shrink something to 75% of normal size I use the same speed and power settings.


I don’t understand why one would change the power & speed based on the (X/Y) size of the object? I’ve been using GF for ~20 months and have never seen this.

Different thicknesses and/or materials require adjustments, sure…

Lines that are close together will become 1 dark line.

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Makes sense, thanks.

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That’s a great idea for a feature - thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.

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