Wish List


Does any one else wish that the GF interface would have some basic design options built-in like various shapes and the ability to unlock aspect so we can manipulate the shapes whatever way we wanted? I’m a new user and am loving this machine but I seriously wish they would justtttt have their own design software that we can use to alter an image rather than having to keep uploading it again and again after minor changes. Just something basic would do. Putting this out there in case someone from the company’s design team reads it :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like it’s a slippery slope. If I have a shape that I can drop in, I want to be able to specify the exact size (say, 8x10”). Then I want to be able to either snap or align to another object. Which turns into a lot more features than just native shapes. :slight_smile:


I have no doubt those little extras will be part of the future tweaking they’ve got lined up for us. :wink:


In a way I kind of hope they don’t. It’d take quite a bit of resources to make a good editor. I would rather see them focus on a great laser.


the only two things i wouldn’t mind seeing them add are the option to draw a rectangle at any size for cutting or a straight line at any size for cutting.

actual design? i agree with @jbmanning5 that it’s a slippery slope. there’s plenty of good design software out there. why try to recreate the wheel? especially when it’s unlikely to ever be nearly as good, is likely to suck up lots of support resources (both from technical support as well as coding support) that should be spent elsewhere.


That’s what I want too… nothing big lol. I wouldn’t even want to learn a whole new design program… even just unlocking aspect will make me happy lol


honestly, you can do a lot more design-type functions in the GFUI than you can in the Universal Control Panel. the UCP has no resizing, no copy/pasting, no reordering or ignoring operations, none of that kind of stuff.


Well how about a set of primitives (circle, square, line, etc) and numeric sizing and positioning?

And a cloud based custom library of user uploaded files. (easier to get to then the design library)


primitives makes sense. i can see a use for that and i would think that wouldn’t require the same level of coding/support.


Would love the primitives. That alone would have saved me quite a bit of time.


In the meantime…


See? It’s already getting slick…


Indeed. I acquired my lasering addiction at a local makerspace with 2 giant (2’x4’ bed) Universals. It always sucked when you realized something was wrong with part of a cut file, and had to go back to AI, fix it, then reload it. What should be a run and burn, would turn into fix, try again, fix, try again, don’t give up! and finally burn. I LOVE those big beds, but the GFUI is soo much better. But no, it doesn’t need to be a design app. I understand why people not familiar with inkscape and AI want it, but it’s not practical and is not cheap to build. I wouldn’t mind a much cheaper version of the GF, with less bells and whistles honestly.


Ive been wanting to be able to do THIS since day 1. Im hoping they will add this sooner than later. Specifying size would be way more helpful to me than primitives which I can just paste in from whatever app


@takitus, I see cake! Happy cake day!!


Oooo I didn’t even realize! Thanks!


I don’t even care about positioning, I just want to be able to reliable scale something to the same size multiple times (i.e. numeric scaling). Heck, I don’t even care if I can specify the number, just a printout of the scaling would be way better than nothing.


Numeric entry for positioning and size would be incredible for me. That way I wouldn’t have to have 8 duplicates of items in my designs page


Out of curiosity, I wonder if it is the same amount of effort? Like I have a hard time seeing a great improvement in my workflow, and given the excellent arrangement and alignment/scaling tools in the average design software, I just wonder what great improvement you’ll see.

These things are so subjective depending on how we all work, so I’d like to hear some more specifics about what this will improve for you, if you care to share.


The improvement I’m looking for is to not be constantly worried about accidentally scaling something. As it stands right now, if I accidentally scale a design I have no way to return it to exactly 100% scale without the undo command.