Wizard of Oz collection


Printed this out on Proofgrade Maple. It’s about 6" x 10". It’s artwork from the original Wizard of Oz book from 1900 by W.W. Denslow. I really love the drawings and thought they would look nice as stand alone art pieces. I just scanned the image from the book and loaded it into Inkscape. Changed the colors to 2 colors, black and white. I drew in the outline for the cut, but am not happy with it. I need to learn how to draw in Inkscape better, but will learn. Exported it out as a SVG to the Glowforge and it errored out when preparing to print. I tried again and it went through.

Interesting side note. I thought I had all the masking removed, but the masking shows up better in the photo than in real life and I see spots that needed some removal.


Looks good! Yes, though, learn the pen tool and Bézier curves. 100% worth the effort.


Yeah, that would be tough to weed. (great graphic though!) :grinning:


That’s where duct tape comes in handy…


I’ve got to get some of the Gorilla tape…the substandard brand I’m using doesn’t work as well.


I’ve been reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and there are strong references, as well as literal references, to The Wizard of Oz. It’s made me really remember what a fantastic story it still is, and seeing this makes me even more excited about one day getting my gforge! Thanks for this update! I don’t know your budget, or how much more you’d like to add to your glowforge setup, but perhaps if you were interested in doing more work like this and wanted a more “hands on” approach, Wacom makes digital pads that interface with desktop applications which include a stylus type pen to you could go in with your own personal touch on images such as this one. I know there are people who are more comfortable with a physical instrument rather than digital, so I figured I would throw in my two cents! Again, wonderful work!


In my experience, the white duct tape works best and is probably cheaper than gorilla tape…


how’s the residue from duct tape? i haven’t owned a laser, but that’s always been one of my issues w/duct tape removal.

has anyone tried gaffer’s tape for deweeding?


Absolutely true. I photograph any piece that might have tiny pieces left behind to verify.


No residue from the duct tape…pulls everything off with it.


Tangent alert!

I have had issues with residue from duct tape on leather. Have not tried the white duct tape yet - and will do so because you suggested it - but so far, I really prefer the Gorilla tape for leather projects.


Gaffer’s Tape is designed to not stick as much and not leave residue (like regular duct tape).


that’s why i asked, because it’s designed not to leave residue. but it still sticks pretty well, even to paper.


I work with Gaffer, Duct and Gorilla tape more offend than I want, but the order of stickiness (from less to most) is the order listed.

Love the fact that Gaffer doesn’t leave residue (after several weeks) and sticks reasonably without peeling off randomly, but using Gorilla tape on PG :proofgrade: has no equal.


Not too mention Gaffer’s tape is a bit pricey, even compared to Gorilla tape, at least in my experience.


I found the 1 inch wide Gorilla Tape at home Depot for about $2. not really all that expensive, especially considering that blue painters tape was going for about $4 each roll! It’s not on their website, but I found it on the end caps in the Paint Section


Never used it on leather…only on acrylic and wood…
Please report back on the residue.


Very nice! Pictures catch so much!

When I take photos of my embroidery projects … I always see thread jumps that need snipped. When I take photos of my cards … I’ll find a bit of glue that seeped out that needs an adhesive eraser. Etc.


I love this! Extra because I love the Wizard of Oz, both when I was a kid and now as a parent reading it to my kids. And extra-extra because it’s hard to find awesome public domain artwork that really resonates. What a wonderful creation!


Don’t forget to read Wicked of you love Wizard of Oz!!! It’s based on the Wicked Witch of the West. It’s kind of like the prequel!