Wobbly score lines

I ran a print recently with a bunch of illustrated tiles like this, and some of them came out oddly and others (in the same run) came out perfectly normal. This is a file that I’ve run before and I’ve been a Glowforge owner for several years, and I’ve never seen anything like this. I haven’t made any changes to my Glowforge setup, so a shaky table as the source of the problem wouldn’t make sense. Anyone here have any idea what might have caused the “wobbly” score lines, so that I can prevent it in the future? The pieces on the left side are correct, and the pieces on the right are the problem.

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like either a broken wheel or some type of obstruction on the belt. If you haven’t already, turn off your GF and remove the head. Check the wheels carefully to see if any are broken. The wheels are available in the spare parts store if you need them. If the wheels look okay, replace the head and gently move it from one side to the other and from back to front. The head should slide smoothly in any direction. If it hangs, even slightly, check your belt for any stray pieces of material that might have lodged between the teeth.


Thank you for your reply! I think the machine needs a deep clean, so I will check for this tonight when I’m in there. I appreciate it!

Please please don’t deep clean- there are too many “I deep cleaned and now it’s broken” posts and it’s not part of any officially recommended maintenance.
Only check the wheels, belts and rails for debris or damage. I agree that the wobble looks mechanical. Hopefully just a bit schmutz on a rail.


As far as cleaning, the optics are most important. Before I throw the lens wipe away I’ll wipe the rails with it. Periodically the fans need attention, and I like to clean the lid inside and the tube so I can see it firing and to see if any air bubbles are present. There are open electrical contacts, so I would advise to never spray any cleaner in the machine but spray the cloth you clean with instead.


Thank you! I realize that my definition of “deep clean” is probably not the same as what others refer to. I mostly just mean to spend more than 30 seconds with the wipes and make sure the fans get cleared up.


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