Won't accept state to receive my filter


should be simple enough. can someone help me?

Try capitalizing the “L”? (All other codes are capitalized.)

ive tried FL. Fl, fl, even Florida

Maybe that’s an “i”. (Yeah, I know that wouldn’t make any sense, but ships happen.)

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i tried it still no luck…

Maybe a browser refresh and clear the cache? (Note: that might wipe you out so don’t try it if you feel uncomfortable.)

i started over and even used internet explorer. still nada

Well…sounds like something support will need to look into for you. That’s all I can think of to try. :neutral_face:

thanks you’re always there for everyone .


This happened for someone else recently as well. Support will help.

not sure what is happening here. the list is of countries not states.


Could be mistaken, but I think those are country codes, not state codes. If you look through them, there aren’t any for many states…like Oregon or California, or Texas. for instance. Still though…what you’ve been trying should work.


Says COUNTRY, but then lists some mixture (looking like country and possible states).
Definitely a coding glitch.

Those are ISO 2-alpha country codes, presumably just for countries GF will ship to. There are many more.

There may be some that coincidentally match US states.

It is interesting that the USA (“US”) is NOT on that list.


Oh DUH! Of course those are country codes…(I’m going to go get some coffee now.) :rofl:
(Do not attempt to operate brain without fuel.)


They’re going to need to fix it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Standard response is three business days, but can be sooner.

I noticed that, too.

It is because they are jealous of this beautiful weather we are having here this week.