Won't cut or engrave properly

I was using it last week and didn’t have a perfect run, but it did cut for me.
Today, I have tried all sorts of settings and different woods to try to engrave and cut a pattern. The engravings are very light, even after two passes and after trying higher power levels, slower speeds, etc.
The cutting, at full power, doesn’t even make a mark.
I can admit, I did not use it for a year or so, and forgot a lot of what I did learn as far as operations.
Is it possible my lense in installed incorrectly (arrow in, but how deep should it be?) or is it possible that I have just reached full life expectancy? It is nearly 3 years old.

First, make sure that all of the optics are clean - windows, mirror and lens. The lens is inserted cup side up. Make sure your honeycomb tray is seated properly in the indentations. Try printing the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material with Proofgrade settings. Post the results.


Ok, I recleaned all the lenses, mirror and glass.
I put the gift of good measure on, and it did not engrave or cut. You can barely see the outlines of the circle scores in the tape, but that is only if you look really hard. I can’t even capture a photo of it, because I can’t pick it up with my camera.
I can see the laser flicker on and off when it is operational - some of the time.
The crumbtray is sitting in its’ bed.
Last week I cut and scored cardboard, and engraved the very piece of proofgrade that I have in there now, though it was supposed to cut, but did not go all the way through the proofgrade last week either.

It is a known fact that a tube can die even if it hasn’t been used…so sounds like that might possibly be the case with yours…but, I’m not an expert by any means.

I think you should contact support@glowforge.com to see what they might suggest…perhaps they will offer to sell you a refurb. if that’s something that interests you.

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That is exactly my fear - that it has died. If so, that will be the end of me and Glowforge.
Thanks. I did send support a help ticket. Just waiting for them to tell me the bad news.

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