Wont cut through proof grade material

Got my pro on the 22nd and first few cuts were great and then stopping cutting all the way through medium draftboard. I’ve cleaned all the lenses and mirrors and they are in correctly, I checked twice, nothing on the crumb tray, and board in not warped. The engraving is fine but cutting all the way through is the problem. To get it to cut all the way through I’ve had to lower the speed and cut it twice and even then some spots dont cut all the way through. What could be causing this?

Are you using magnets? They can slow or shut down the fan causing those problems. Note also that the slightest film on any mirror or window can cause the problem you are seeing. I found only the slightest film on the side window of the head only and it went from what you are seeing to amazing improvement when carefully cleaned again.

Edit: this is worse than usual

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Using magnets? I’m not sure what you are asking.

Unshielded magnets hold the work in place very well but the magnetic field above them wrecks havoc with electrical currents and especially the head fan leading to looking like this…

If the fan gets gummed up it will not blow strong enough which causes the smoke to occasionally ignite and when that happens it blocks the cut and makes a lot of burned mess above. If you are getting any smoke ignition where that happens will cut badly.


No I’m not using magnets, I’ve only had my machine for 5 days

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Support will need pics of the front and back of the GoGM printed on medium draftboard using default settings.

Usually boards cut better when held tighter to the crumb tray vs just set on top. Many people use magnets or hold down pins. Cutting may work better for you with either of these options

Have you double-checked that the lens is inserted correctly?

On your very first cut, were the engravings any more legible? It looks like you are out of focus.

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When the issue started it was like the 6th thing I ever cut on the machine, the same day I unboxed it. First 5 cuts were perfect then it stopped cutting all the way through. The issue started before I ever removed the lenses to clean it.

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That’s a bit of a misleading generalization.

The only time I secure material is if it has some warp/twist to it. After placing on the bed, I press down to see if there’s any movement. I’d estimate I use magnets or pins one-in-twenty or so prints, and that’s usually on non-proofgrade hardwoods, cheap plywood, or preciously used acrylic which tends to warp a little.

Based on comments here and on FB- most people seem to have better results with pinning material down (maybe they are poor at judging flatness). I pin everything- and I don’t feel my statement is misleading.

I’m sorry you ran into trouble with your prints! I can see you’ve emailed us directly, and we’re helping you there. I’ll close this thread, and follow up there. If you have any other problems please don’t hesitate to start a new thread or email into us at support@glowforge.com.