Won't focus head camera won't recalibrate

Okay so my glowforge got off track, I stopped the cut turned it off and put it back on track. It’s now stuck at focusing head. Cable is plugged into the head, belts are good. I’ve cleaned all the lenses. Try to calibrate the camera and it says can’t complete the print. Any advice?! Router has been reset. All 5 black cables have been checked and none of them are out.

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Hi Kelly! Welcome to the forum. :sunglasses:
If you have successfully Calibrated the camera before you probably wouldn’t need to. Does the machine run through the start-up routine alright? If so you might try an engrave to check the machine’s operation.
If the machine won’t run through the start-up calibration then, with the machine off, gently position the head under the camera and turn it on.

It is just stuck on laser head focusing. Ive checked all my wifi, reset connections cleared cache, restartedmy computer. Check belts, checked all connections (including the black cables) cleaned my lenses about 10 times, cleaned my machine, moved the head under the camera and its still won’t focus. :slightly_frowning_face: I’ve been told I may need a new black cable?

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Hi @kellykirby04 - it looks like you’ve got an email ticket open for this issue as well. I’ve just followed up with some next steps via email, so I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.