Won't print keeps preparing

Whats going on glowforge this is ridiculous I pay for premium and your cloud doesn’t work. I can’t make anything because it keeps saying preparing your print. For hours now what’s going on. Answer my email my question here something. Or take this paper weight back get rid of cloud and make it where we can print off cloud this isn’t right. I have orders that need to go out now.

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Well that’s not gonna happen… BUT… it’s not likely the cloud with the issue if a bunch of people aren’t also complaining about it being down. It could be your internet access (wifi specifically)… It could be the file itself (does the gift of good measure do the same thing or is it just that one file you are trying to use?)


Have you tried using your phone as a hot spot?


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Have you tried a different browser and/or file?

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Define “everyone”.
I have no issues.
I strongly recommend you search and read many posts concerning this issue. 99.5% of the time it is not the machine but the wifi connection. You can prove/disprove this by using your phone as a hot spot. Don’t want to take the time to do that? Well that’s on you not me.


Define everything… because what I don’t see listed is what beerfaced asked you to do… set the GF up to use your phone’s hotspot, taking your wifi router/modem out of the picture entirely. Or what dklgood suggested in using a different browser. And a different file as well… Specifically, does it do it with gift of good measure as I asked you? Support is going to ask you to do that very first thing anyway so uh… chop chop. Get to it instead of saying you’ve done everything.


You’re waiting for a new black lid cable? Was that a problem diagnosed by GF staff or are you just getting a spare to have in case it fails?


Please don’t try to make me feel worst than I already feel I have tried that as well… the head just doesn’t move makes a click noise like its going to move but doesn’t… I didn’t come on here to made feel like crap… I came here for help and
Notice a lot of people experiencing the same stuff

There are close to 41,000 owners as of the time of this posting.

There is this one open ticket here, and your comment. That makes two. Far from “everyone”…

I’m sure there are several more that have opened tickets by email as well, but that is still far from “everyone”…

I don’t recall ever seeing this issue arise when it wasn’t the file, or a wifi problem.


Well that’s not the intention. But we tend to see a lot of hyperbole when it comes to people with problems. Words like “Everyone” and “everything” tend to raise the hackles of people who do support for a living (as I do, just not for GF). Specificity is important when trying to diagnose a problem. You have to take your emotion out of the equation and give the facts and only the facts. Just as an example, I’ve taken a call from a… uh… large equipment dealer who likes the color green… who said that EVERYONE’S internet was down at all of their locations. After an hour of trying to troubleshoot it became clear that it wasn’t everyone… it wasn’t every location… it was one person with a very specific problem that was easy to fix and could have been done so in a few minutes if they had just given the correct information from the get-go and followed the instructions given to them.

So don’t take it TOO personal if we sort of… jab back occasionally when such hyperbolic language is used and it doesn’t look like our suggestions are being taken to heart and being acted on. We don’t make anything off of this and if we didn’t want to help we wouldn’t reply at all.


To be fair, you came across as a bit hostile. Perhaps that was just a heat of the moment thing and I can understand your frustration when the machine does not do what you expect of it. There are a ton of good folk on here willing to share their knowledge but no one can help you unless you want to be helped. We have offered some very simple ideas to help you narrow down the issue. If you researched those issues you describe you would see they may be caused by a weak wifi connection. (Don’t assume because other devices in your house are connected just fine that the GF is as well). To prove or disprove that, you can set up a hotspot through your phone. Such a simple trial and one that can rule out (or not) a serious flaw with the machine.


Hello, @mistermonk69 I am so sorry for the delay in response. It looks like you got a lot of helpful advice from our patrons. Can you tell me if that happens on a particular design or on all designs? Also, if you haven’t tried already go ahead and use a different browser or device to see if the issue persists.

Let me know how it goes.

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