Won't print on board

HELP: I made this cutting board and I want to engrave one of my recipes on it. However when I place it in the glow forge (after taking the black rack out) it says it doesn’t meet the settings requirement to print and dismisses the print. The camera does go over the board without touching it. Any ideas on how to fix this issue.


Raise it up a bit. You need to get the surface between (about) 1.3 and 1.8” off the bottom of the machine. You’re coming in at right around 1”, so put three sheets of proofgrade under there and you’ll be just fine.

Alternately anything else that’s about that thick, 4 dice, one in each corner? Umm a decently thick book?

Then use set focus and you’re good to go.


how do I do the set focus. I am new with this machine and I am beyond lost if I have to go beyond the auto settings, LOL


Just search the forum for set focus, there’s a great deal of info about it.

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ahhhh. I got you, because I took the black thingy out the height is off. I was reading into it to much thinking the machine was telling me it was to tall because of the height of the board. Duhh I had a blonde moment. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:


The board is beautiful. I hope you will take a little time to understand how your Glowforge works before attempting to engrave on such a pretty piece of wood. It is so tempting to just jump in, but ruining material is costly and frustrating.

There are many tutorials and tips and tricks here in the forum. It is critical that you understand how to setup your machine for proper use. Your material must be within the focus range of the laser. The focus range is measured from the top of the honeycomb tray - from .01" to 1/2". When you take the tray out, your material must be in that range for the laser to focus on it. It looks like you will have to raise your board about 1/2".

Visual alignment is not perfect, and before engraving on this, I urge you to test with a less expensive material. You need to become familiar with speed/power settings, the set focus tool, and alignment before going big.


Thank you for the compliment on the board, that is actually the first cutting board I ever made so maybe I have found my hidden hobby talent I didn’t know I had, LOL.

I had the design already to go but I couldn’t figure out why it was dismissing it because I never had that happen however, I didn’t think about the fact I took the black board out and it sit lower, a blonde moment for me. Thanks for the info

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I printed one of these.

It is a great tool in cases like this.

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You should also be aware that as you used different woods for your cutting board they will laser at different depths and intensity - due to the nature of the different woods. If you have scraps left over, I would test on those first.


She’s totally right, but I say let er rip. Because you’re the artist, you can always say it was intentional :slight_smile:


Just for future reference, it’s a crumb tray. :slight_smile:
Your board is beautiful! Hope the engrave went well!

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