Won't Turn ON

I used the machine on Friday and now it won’t turn on. The outlet is fine as have plugged other things into it.

If you have a model with a safety interlock, round thing near the power cable, check to make sure it hasn’t come out. Might try re-seating it even if it looks secure.

(Sorry I can’t be more descriptive, I don’t have one.)


It is the plus so no safety interlock. I did hear a pop when I turned it on so think that was the power supply…

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Great with Snap and Crackle, but horrible when mixed with electronics.
That’s definitely useful information, though. I’d think you’re probably correct; something has shorted. Any associated smell that you’ve noticed?

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Didn’t notice a smell but knew that was bad when I heard it!

We have had it almost 2 years to the day (9/28). Will have to see what they say for cost to fix

It was that obvious, eh? Yeah. Unfortunately it sounds to me like you’re fairly certainly you know what you heard. If it walks like a fried component and quacks like a fried component…


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I’m so sorry about the trouble you’ve been running into. After reviewing the information you’ve provided, I’ve reached out directly via email to provide the next best steps. I’ll now close this thread.