WOO! I've never been so excited for an email



So even with the looming threat of a hurricane (for which I am severely under-prepared for), I am having a great week. I got my Pro order email this morning :smiley:

Despite my itching trigger finger hovering temptingly over the I agree, I agree, I agree button. I actually took the time to read over all of the legal documentation. I figured somebody took the time to write it, I should read it. Then I hit the I agree, I agree, I agree button lol :wink:


Oh that’s great! I’ve been wondering where you were, so happy you’re ready to start forging. But stay safe out there!


Yay!! :tada::tada::tada:


YES! CONGRATS! :tada::confetti_ball:


SUPER DUPER busy lol :slight_smile: 50~70 hrs per week, college, baby’s halfway through terrible twos, and our three cars and the house break in a synchronous order. The chaos is almost harmonic. I’m getting there slowly but surely (perhaps more slowly than surely :wink: )
I will be. I can’t let anything happen to my daughter or my future wife (oh that’s the other thing, we’re getting married next month :smiley: !!!)


Awesome! I kind of wondered where you’d gotten off too, but figured school had you hopping! What fantastic news! So happy to hear about the upcoming wedding!

Squeeeeee! :grinning::sparkles::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::dizzy::boom:


I’d been popping in regularly, but didn’t really have the time to do more than bookmark a small fraction of the great ideas here. New job leaves much less time for perusing the internet unfortunately lol… not that I ever would or anything…




Congrats… I have not received anything, but hey! you deserve this awesome gif.


that is a pretty intense gif lol :scream:


Wow! Now don’t make us worry about you burning the candle on 14 ends. But congratulations on the marriage–best wishes!




Wow! So much happening in your world! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and Pro email!


Awesome! Stay safe!


Thanks! I’ll try to keep falling off the face of the earth to a minimum :slight_smile:image


Hey man! Great to see you again. So cool that your 'forge is coming! Congratulations on the upcoming marriage! Oh, and you only have to push that agree button once…

Seriously, focus on getting a car back on it’s wheels, and stock the trunk with survival needs. I have ridden through Wilma when it was a cat 5, and those storms are no joke. Wilma packed 185 mph wind too. Wiped away an airport and removed all forms of communication. Stripped the Mexican jungle to bare sticks. 185 mph wind is is nothing short of a monster.I can’t stress enough - Take no prisoners in your preparations. Our hopes ride with you.


Not taken lightly. Considered visiting family in WV to ride it out, but it’s hard to take off work with submission dates approaching. Hopefully (for us) it veers to the east and gets hit with a cold front that slows it down. I’ll be pulling things inside and putting up my hurricane shutters tonight. as long as we don’t get a direct hit, my house probably wont blow away. I’m keeping an eye on it though to see if my plans need to change. Fun note though, I prepared for the hurricane completely by chance. Stocked up on water cause we had run out, bought a case of AAA batteries because I (was tired) read a light fixture wrong, bought a case of AA batteries 'cause my (future) wife had a field day at my emotional expense, already had canned goods 'cause I’m a cheap vegetarian, have a couple flares in the shed because I found them at the U-Pull-It looking for car parts and they didn’t have a code to charge for that :joy:

I find life highly entertaining


By the way, the wait for the Tracking number email is harder than the wait for the “your getting it - yay” glowforge email…

edit: yeah, I’m beginning to feel obsessed - I’ve checked my email about a million times today.

“has it shipped yet?.. How bout now?..”


must’ve gotten excited…


Congratulations! I read this through in mine too :blush: