Wood information

Does anyone know name of this wood

Looks like MDF about 1/8" or 1/4"


Ok and MDF can be used on the glowforge


Laser safe MDF can be - but there are is a lot out there that’s not designed for the laser and therefore use glues that cannot be cut with a laser. That doesn’t look like one of those since most of it seems to have cut.

The fact that the lower right corner (lower left in the picture, but that’s definitely the back) didn’t cut through would lead me to presume the mirror under the left hand side of their laser is dirty so the cut was weaker there.


I have always boughtmmy MDF from a cabinet shop and have never had problems cutting it. The stuff from places like Menards, Home Depot and Lowes seems to be a darker color and much harder to cut. It can be done, but not at the proof grade settings.


It sounds like what you’re talking about is actually hardboard.

If it has a smooth side and a rough side that’s cardboard and it can be very difficult to cut depending on the manufacturer. @timjedwards has found that the hardboard he gets is perfect for prototyping, it cuts really well for him. I’ve had nothing bad luck with the stuff I get at my local branch.


Steve. Or maybe Matt.

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