Wood laminates from Burlane


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Is that why cedar has more discoloration in the surrounding area? Or is that just a trait of cedar?

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Righto, that’s why we decided it was the right thing to do for you all in the first place.


Will Glowforge Proofgrade materials be available to the public?


You, madam, are a national treasure.


I asked this question awhile back. Here’s what Dan said.


Probably should have elaborated more then just yes…

Yes, the cedar is discolored because its the only one of the bunch without the clear coat. Im guessing they did that so you could smell the wood…lol. I wiped off the smoke discoloration on the others with alcohol although soapy water probably would work too. They all had yellow/brown smoke discoloration, like many coated woods do or ones with lots of sap when laser cut, but it came off easily without having to sand.


I really need to start updating that again. Sorry folks.


My storage solution is still far from ideal. We have a mini maker space going in our home theater/home office room. We are keeping the high tech stuff (3D printing, electronics, Silhouette, robotics…) separate from the less civilized workshop equipment. I am hoping to create some nice storage solutions using the GF and make some nicer desks once we figure out the ideal situation. For now, it’s workable.


Interesting. But aren’t these the ones made specifically for laser cutting? In that case it seems better to put the clear coat on it (to minimize discoloring) as the smell would probably come through anyway once you’ve engraved it (and thus removed the clear coat from the areas the laser touched) … hopefully they’ll have a cedar option with clear coat at some point.


With cedar you would simply put a paper mask on it to protect from wood discoloration. Cedar is rarely glossy in most applications…My guess is that if it’s coated, it looses the useful aroma to dissuade bugs and such…usually the reason for choosing cedar in the first place…

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