Wood Paint

What kind of paint are you all using on the Proofgrade plywood? Do I need to sand off the finish before I paint? Thanks!

Since Proofgrade is pre finished I don’t paint it except for small accent areas. For that I use either acrylic or UV resin and definitely sand the areas I’m painting so it won’t flake right off. The magic of Proofgrade is that prefinish and premasking - just cut your project, assemble and you’re done. Plus i like to feature the wood grain.

For projects that I do want to fully paint or stain I use unfinished birch plywood instead, it’s much less expensive and less work.


I’m most likely in a minority in this regard. I do paint proofgrade with all kinds of paint pens…acrylic, water based, oil based, etc., without sanding at all. Usually, the only kinds of things that I want to paint are quite small and that can use up scraps from other projects.

My most recent painting was on these buttons. A couple of them have resin on them in addition, but most of them are just paint. I’ve never experienced any flaking of the paint.

I think some testing might be good for you…you can then decide for yourself what works best and what you like most.


Thank you guys, this is super helpful! I am just doing little accent pieces, but I think I’ll do some trial and error with different paints and some different scraps of wood.


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