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I ran out of my free wood supply. Purchased some from Home Depot. There is not a setting for what I need. I purchased purebond birch plywood 5/32" How do I let the glowforge know what it is? Do I need to make any adjustments. I read something about speed and power. Is there a chart or something I could use when I purchase from HomeDepot?

You select uncertified material and then manually set your power/speed/lpi settings. Here is the link to information regarding manual settings. https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033633574-Working-With-Manual-Mode

When using non Proofgrade material, it is often best to run your own tests to determine settings that work for you. If you search the forum for purebond birch plywood you will undoubtedly get some information about what has worked for others.


Fortunately, Columbia Forest Purebond is about the only material worth buying at THD. There are others from big-box stores you can make work, but none come close to Glowforge Proofgrade except this - in my experience. Settings have been shared here many times. It’s my go-to, 5/32 Maple Ply is my favorite.


I have purchased plywood from Home Depot. Not sure about Purebond birch plywood 5/32". don’t know if I have seen that particular brand. I had some bad luck with Home Depot plywood, ran into voids occasionally. I ended up buying Baltic birch from Rockler. I have always had to experiment with settings each batch I bought. I would cut out a snowflake or flower along the edge and make sure everything cut through. You can just google your product and ask for Glowforge settings. You will get several responses which will give you a good place to start with. I have a notebook and I record everything I cut for future cuts. I don’t know why, but sometimes a different batch of supposedly same material cuts differently. I have wasted a few sheets of material without testing. There are some charts if you look for them. I found a chart of settings for cutting paper stock which was very detailed. I printed it out and use it for reference whenever I’m cutting card stock.
Good luck, the information is out there.

I don’t have settings handy, but I find that Purebond cuts fairly well with proofgrade settings. Choose proofgrade maple, for example, and look at the settings it gives you. Write them down, test them out (using the info above and cutting out small samples), and adjust from there. You can then manually enter your settings and save them for future reference.


what settings did you use for HD purebond 5/32 birch plywood?

I’ve never used birch, I buy the maple.

We can’t discuss settings in this forum, it’s for issues with the machine. You’ll find settings over in the Beyond the Manual section.

Please read this. I think it will help you: Purebond 1/4" Birch (WOW!) - #3 by jessica.edds

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