Wood settings

I have 1/8" Colored Baltic wood but I can’t find what setting to put it on so it doesn’t burn it. Any help would be appreciated.

OK so can you be a little more descriptive? I mean the entire point of the laser is that it burns the wood to an extent.

Are you cutting or engraving?

Cutting? Do a material test, it’s the only way to be sure.

Engraving? Well,that’s a broad topic, and depends so much on subjective decision.

Anyway, if you mean cutting, here’s how you figure it out on your own (and again, it’s the only way to be sure)

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I meant cutting, I’m cutting Earrings and even putting tape it burns on the intricut places
Thanks I will try that

So how thin are your thinnest parts? There are some techniques you can use to help with that. I’d look at @geek2nurse’s recent work with her intricate screens.

Basically though, you want to find the setting that lets you just barely reliably cut through. That material test routine I showed you should let you get it dialed in really quickly.

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Awesome. Thanks

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