Woodchucks Sale


Yeah, that’s still a pretty good price even with the lost piece.

I’m still hoping to find someone local. At least shipping won’t be an issue.


i’ve found a couple of decent local places for hardwoods. the problem is they tend not to have the wider pieces. i can rarely get wider than 4-6" wide boards. so being able to get 9-10" wide is limited to online for me.


hard to find that anymore :frowning: not enough old growth to go around.


Lots of newly available now if anyone is able to take advantage :frowning:


Has anyone who cancelled been refunded? I just had to escalate to PayPal.


I was never able to get a refund as it wasn’t worth shipping back the junk wood I finally got - but hopefully Paypal will have your back!


Your experience is really crazy. I’m glad it’s not a really large sum of money, but it’s still one of the worst customer experiences I’ve ever had when dealing directly with another person.


You are a very lucky person if that is the worst. Bad is never good but I could list quite a number.
Apparently Helen Hunt has a business receiving folks complaints as many have sent me to her to take care of such things. :unamused:


Perhaps. Or perhaps my bad experiences typically involve large corporations (and there have been some doozies - Verizon, I’m looking at you…). :slight_smile: Generally I find people one-on-one to be reasonable, especially when approached with reason. Only once have I had to move beyond basic conversation with a small business/person to work something out.


Like I said Lucky. I paid $2K for a computer on E-bay that apparently never existed, and worse E-bay and Paypal knew about this before I “bought” it. After much messages back and forth, he simply disappeared and Paypal’s “guarantee” offered $800! Fortunately I had paid Paypal with my USAA credit card and got a complete refund that way. So now Paypal does not allow you to use credit cards. There are many others but you are correct that it is mostly large corporations on that list.

I also bought my house trailer from an individual that had many expensive issues including theft of my best tools.


Yikes! I’m not especially trusting in the first place, so my natural suspicion does protect me a bit. But I have had bad (worse) experiences with individuals, just not a huge number.

I’m not sure what you mean about PayPal and credit cards. I use a credit card with PayPal almost exclusively. Or maybe you mean with Ebay?


Perhaps it is just with me after that fiasco. but they claimed it was a universal policy. I had kept my funds there at zero just to have the credit card protection.


Sketchy. It’s not like you did something wrong.


Nope but they were VERY upset that i did not take the $800 they offered.


I imagine, but it’s not that big of an impact on them in the greater scheme of things. The promise of customer protection (which is narrowly defined now) is what built their business. No one wanted to use an online payment broker.


In the end Honor is the cheapest insurance, now anything over $100 does not go through them, but through USAA (which is the only insurance company I have not had horrible experiences with).

In the end it is their loss when doing their job could have been very much more profitable.


Yeah, that’s a shame. Good customers are valuable.


I also unfortunately also got hit by this. Ordered ~$200 of material three weeks ago, and I haven’t heard anything from them. At this point, seeing all the feedback, I’m just going to issue a charge back if they don’t come through. Seriously disappointed by them.


On Sunday, Suzie responded and said she would have to look into it on Monday to find out why they did not ship the missing cedar boards, and would ship them out “at their expense” (uh I already paid for the shipping that didn’t happen) if I truly ordered them. Still waiting to hear back that they are shipping those boards.


OK, I just got an email from Dirk, with an update on the missing cedar boards. He implied they just just got the material in, even though the shipment email from a week or so ago said it was shipped with everything else.

“Hey Gary, Just letting you know your wide cedar arrived, so I’ll get it cut, sanded, and shipped today.”

This is a bit different that Suzie’s message from Sunday, which noted they already had plenty of cedar in stock.

"we have plenty on hand and cedar is easy to cut. We’ve gotten quite a few orders for cedar so chances are good your boards got included with someone else’s order and they got bonus wood. "

I simply can’t trust what they say, and don’t appreciate the delays and poor communication. The wood itself is not quite what I expected in terms of thickness or sanded finish. So they have not earned my repeat business. YMMV