Woodchucks Sale


Got them this week - will be cutting them down this weekend, may try making something to see how they cut/look - will let you know


Anyone have any idea for something to make from thin cedar? I just hate to “finish” it with lacquer or spray or wax because it will lose the smell…:neutral_face: I image ornaments would work (3d or flat). maybe box interior? any ideas?


i would use the cedar to line a box. have it stick up about 1/4 of an inch to be the inside lip that the top slides over. if that makes sense. then you get a nice smelling cedar lined box.


I have bought from them before when they had an etsy store. Very good quality wood in the stuff I ordered before. Took quite a while to get my shipment (a few weeks) but it was very nice wood.


@ChristyM Has your Amazon order with Woodchuck’s Wood at least shipped yet? Not heard anything on my order and don’t see anything in FedEx/UPS apps. However I just noticed it looks like :glowforge: tried to ship me a second GF… I see two packages a 79lb and 27lb ‘Ready for UPS’ on 8/17. LOL!


The Amazon order arrived right away (Prime). The shop order doesn’t seem to have shipped yet.


same here. no evidence it’s moved beyond me paying.


Where are they located? Hurricane might be interfering…




Happy with the quality ect? Was hoping the stuff I ordered would arrive before the sale ended in case I wanted to get more but that does not seem likely.


I haven’t done much with it, but it’s fine from what I see. A bit of warping. Lots of people have ordered from them through Amazon, and I haven’t seen any big complaints.


They confirmed my order several days ago but no word or update on sending it out yet…


I sent them a message yesterday. I’ll post if I hear anything.


Great. I was going to when I got home tonight since its been a few days without any update.


Noticed on the Clearance page it states “Will ship within 1 or 2 days” but nothing on the normal shop page. Maybe they just got a bit overwhelmed with people here ordering.


amazon tried to use this excuse for me two days ago, when they lost a package between Sacramento and my house (half an hour away, max)


they would have to actually ship the items for the hurricane to cause problems.


must be a big hurricane to reach Wisconsin…


Maybe the driver was watching hurricane clips on YouTube and doesn’t know what happened to your package?


No reply. Not the best customer service ever, but the wood will speak for itself, if it ever arrives. I was kind of hoping to use it for a project this week, so that’s unfortunate.