Wooden box with 'bunk bed' lid

That is neat that no matter how many boxes get posted, some new designs add to the cause. thanks for posting.


Hmm someone was doing a box per day. Where’s that thread?

Ah here we go.


Beautiful gift for your sister! Ohhhhh … What a lovely button box! I have used a repurposed plastic container the last 30 years or so. I need to upgrade!

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Love this box and the pattern on the lid!

oh! thanks for that information. I hadn’t even thought of the humidity difference on assembly…my mom living in a DRY and hot southern state would have a totally different humidity level than here in the midwest. Valuable information!!

Just saw your new school box for teachers — clever idea. I had missed seeing this post before.

Absolutely love that box…would like to make something like that for myself…I think the biggest challenge would be that it would sit on my lap for potentially hours…how to make a wooden (or acrylic) box comfortable in that way… any ideas?

Your sister is going to love it!!!

Are you selling this design? Or can you point me in the direction of making wooden hinges. I am trying to make a valentine’s day gift