Wooden box with 'bunk bed' lid

(have been lurking for a while, sharing my first post - hi Glowforge community and thanks for all the advice, guides, and build photos over the past few years)

I made a wooden box with a split ‘bunk bed’ lid, with wooden hinges. Made this as a housewarming gift for my sister.

100% cut on a Glowforge, no glue required (other than to combine the decorative slats on the lid).

Made with Proofgrade basswood plywood (medium).

Whole thing took an hour or so to fine tune the design, print, and construct.


That is an amazing design very cool! :heart_eyes:
oh and Welcome!

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Very nice … LURK ON! :glowforge::sunglasses:


Great design and execution.


Very nice. Thank you for sharing!

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Great box design. I am sure she will display it proudly.


Interesting lid design. Are the pieces captive and hinged or do they slide on?


Thanks! They are hinged and pivot on the out edges. Here’s a shot of the wooden hinge from the underside of the lid (from a second one I’m making in Cherry):

And on the side of the box.


Ah nice, hard to see from the previous views.

What are the overall dimensions? The dividers are a somewhat unusual configuration, does the box have a specific purpose?

It’s 13.5" by 9.5".

And yes - it’s for organizing buttons! (long story)


By how deep?

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2" deep.


I was wondering about that as well. Very cool to use the double wall (or triple thickness) to hide all the works. Assembly must be fun :crazy_face:

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Something to keep in mind with no-glue projects is that temperature and humidity will cause the wood to change over time. I had one project that I could barely get together when I made it. Two months later the temperature and humidity had dropped and it literally fell apart. I have always used glue since, even on those joints that I have to force together with a mallet.


Wow. This looks really nice. Love the top.

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We have that problem here a lot - summertime humidity
can be in the 80% range and winter’s a desert dry 30%.

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That’s a good call out, thanks, @ben1!

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With your next iteration, laying some felt or cork down in the sections would add just one more layer of fun. Great design, came together really well :+1:t4:

Wow, beautiful design.


Great idea! Thanks, @raymondking32!

And thank you all!

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