Box-A-Day Challenge

Heavily inspired by the drive behind, I decided last Sunday to attempt to design and make a box every day for a month (obviously the laser cutter and my lack of perfectionism allow me to accelerate 1 box / week a little bit…)

Currently I’m on Day 8 and it’s worked pretty well so far :slight_smile: The biggest struggle is actually finding the time to put them together and wait until the finish dries…

Box 1

Made from 3mm plywood with scored and stenciled Voronoi. Inset with more 3mm plywood to allow the box lid to sit snugly on top. Finished with paste wax.

Box 2

Redwood that I resawed down a while ago and haven’t really figured out a use for yet. Lid lies on the top plywood inset. Bottom of the box is mortise + tenon instead of finger joints. Very, very soft wood… Finished with danish oil.

Box 3

3mm plywood, construction is half-slots that fit together. Same bottom as Box 2. Finish is red food coloring and rubbing alcohol with a polyurethane coat. I had a lot of problems with sanding due to the non-flat nature of the box, and the food coloring + alcohol finish raised the grain pretty aggressively.

Box 4

Another boring 3mm plywood box with the same finish as Box 4, but the food coloring worked really well on this one. Lid I’m almost entirely happy with except for a total failure to get the poly covered evenly, which is why it’s bashfully hiding behind the box.

Box 5

Not plywood! This is resawn from some pine firewood which had some fungal discoloration (beetle kill pine). Apple-crate style construction looked fairly well but the construction is definitely not square… next time I would add some registration shoulders so the slats fit perfectly square. Finished with danish oil

Box 6

More 3mm plywood :confused: But it’s got a fun shape! Bottom is just straight glued on. Finished with polyurethane.

Box 7

3mm plywood. I wanted to do a box like #1 but with different shapes… this one turned out really well. Finished with poly.

Box 8

3mm plywood. First attempt at hinges with wood. Like how this one came together but the actual box portion feels a bit undone… I think I’ll try to add more fun elements (and maybe some help making it actually square) next time.

Random thoughts

It’s more like a box-ish a day - I can batch multiple on the weekends and then use them for days when I’m totally booked.
I don’t really care about making boxes that are similar so long as they’re not totally identical.
I wish I had more pulls / lid design inspiration.
Box 4 looks way better in real life than the picture.
Box 4 and 6 are probably my favorite in execution, if not design.
Plywood is too easy (and cheap) to use vs finding / making thin hardwood sheets…
I’ll probably dive into the joint madness in Variations of finger joints soon…


That’s quite a goal you have set for yourself, but you should end up with quite a collection by the end. Have fun!


these are great. i keep talking about making more boxes, but i haven’t really gotten to it. maybe i need to do a challenge like this for myself.


You will inspire us all. Looking forward to see the total.


What a great challenge. I enjoy making boxes too, (drawers even more so), and you’re giving me ideas!

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Great challenge idea! It’s a quick way to learn a lot of joining techniques. :grinning:

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This is a fun challenge. What will you do with all of these boxes?!


I love the “just do it” attitude. I tend to get bogged down trying to be perfect. If you need inspiration here are my pins for laser boxes…

just added your “day 7” :smiley:


Fantastic work!

One trick with wooden hinges? Make the hinge pin captive!

This was done with boxmaker. I simply tuned the variables until the hinge hole was slightly larger than a toothpick and was embedded in the box enough such that, once assembled, the hinge pin can’t fall out.

I’ve been meaning to experiment further. Love the “box a day” notion.


Nice challenge. Soon you will be making boxes to hold all of your boxes.


This is way cool! I was trying to think of a way to make them more internal. I’ll definitely be doing this.


Thank you! A ton of good ideas in there. I’ve also been keeping a pinterest board ( with some neat concepts I’ve found.

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Wow - I adore box 7, and 6 is really cool too.

Any chance you know a local jeweler who can snaz up their sales by offering individualized boxes :stuck_out_tongue:


I love boxes…these are fabulous!

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What a great challenge! Love it!

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These are great! Any follow up boxes you’ve made since the initial post?