Wooden Boxes from Dollar Tree anyone figure out how to engrave?

I wanted to give these to a senior center and engrave the staff names on them but the box is too thick for the crumb tray and not thick enough without the tray. I couldn’t unscrew the hinges. Hmmmmm
Any ideas wonderful amazing people of this Glowforge Forum? I couldn’t do anything without what I’ve learned on this forum. Kudos to everyone.

Print This and with the tray out, stack something to raise the piece to where the surface is within the :heavy_check_mark: space.


The surface to be engraved by the Glowforge must be within the 1/2" focus range. I suggest you print the tool suggested above, but also take a minute to read some of the posts in the forum regarding engraving without the honeycomb tray. There are risers you can print to help elevate your material to the proper height. Also, use the set focus tool before placing your artwork on the box.

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Worked perfectly with 2 pieces of scrap wood. Thanks so much!! I printed 2 of the tools in case I accidentally misplace it.


I bought a bunch of boxes with the intent of engraving the lid.

Then discovered the hinges were glued on - no chance of getting them off without wrecking things [edit] and the box was 4 inches tall. [end edit]

In the end engraved an extra piece of wood to be fitted to the top.

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What I did was to take the crumb tray out and then put the box back in propped up on 2 pieces of 1/8" scrap wood. It worked perfectly. I was so glad!

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