Wooden Cryptex



You are one talented maker. I suspect that your blog and Instructables pages will see a heavy increase in traffic once the GF ships.


incredible work!!!


Have you seen his blog? Check out his 1000 shark tank !!:heart_eyes:


Why you do that! I’m struggling to keep up in this forum and now that I had see the blog I NEED to read it all :laughing: :laughing:


Amazing! Absolutely amazing!


Very nicely done. I really like the ratcheting and the ability to change the code.


That is amazing.


Wow, this is excellent! Thanks for showing us!! Keep up the amazing work, I’m getting excited to have my glowforge!!


Oh my God! That is absolutely, insanely awesome! Great job!


That is awesome! +1 for the IT Crowd reference. :wink:


This is absolutely incredible and I’m really looking forward to seeing the plans! It must’ve also taken a long time to cut this out and put it together too; I can see at least 30 parts to each of the nine rings, plus all the other bits for the box, inner rails and end caps!


That is seriously fantastic. I definitely want to make one.


I love it. I’m putting that in my own hopper.


I finally prepared my files well enough for release, I can’t wait to see some of you making your own cryptex and hopefully improving upon my design.
I would like to sell them as finished items but I just can’t see how to make the letter rings in a sensible fashion.


Thanks for publishing the files. This is an incredible project and I can’t wait to try to make my own!




@m_raynsford, that’s very generous of you to share your files. I’m delighted with this project and really happy to get to try building my own.
I have been enjoying your blog.


Could you not just cut the rings out and then assemble them in a cylinder. Build a little jig to drop the cylinder in sideways and then etch a row of letters/characters, turn it a “click” and then do it again?

Ply would require painting the edges of the rings after being cut out and then the etch would work (otherwise I would think the laser burn would likely be too dark for the letters to show properly). Alternatively, acrylic would cut nice and smooth and the etch would be good by itself although rubbing a painted cloth over them would fill in the etch and make them stand out (using black on white acrylic or white on black acrylic).


The rings or the letters? If doing the lettering, what about a real thin veneer that is lettered and then steaming it to go around the whole ring?


Or another material, like leather.