Wooden Cryptex



Bit of a mean post because I don’t have the files in order yet or even a blog post about it, but I showed a few of you the first cryptex ring at the New York Maker faire and I now want to show you how the rest of the item came out.

I even made a video…

Last one in the Cryptex family : The Magical Cryptex
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Well that’s incredible. This is on the list of things I plan to make, yours looks better than a lot of the ones I’ve seen around


Yep! That’s mean. :wink:


Everything takes such a long time, I promise to have the files online before most people get their glowforges :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, something that technical is not going to be tackled until looong after the GF arrives.

Spectacular job on it! :relaxed:


What a lovely piece! I love that you can change the code word.


wow wow wow. You deserve a serious award. Thats awesome! and a great use of a living spring for the ratchet. well done.


So cool! nice job!


that is a great project.


that is nothing short of [quote=“jbmanning5, post:2, topic:3148, full:true”]
I just felt a disturbance in the Forum…


YES! This was one of the first projects I saw nearly a year ago and started thinking about how in the world I could make it happen with a Glowforge. Probably from watching too many episodes of White Collar and hearing about shift ciphers, I thought something like this would be a blast to create and use with my son (who’s in elementary school and loves all things spy & puzzle related). This looks so awesome!


Best Ovaltine cypher prize ever!


One of the best ideas (and executions) I’ve seen. Can’t wait to see the plans.


This is amazing!


Really is amazing work !! So you could make it any length? (17 for "DRINKMOREOVALTINE as an Xmas gift). OR when you forgot that anniversary present - put s small object in there for the wife and don’t tell her the combination. This may give you a few days to get to the jewelers and swap the object out before it gets open ! :innocent:


Do you have a death wish??? :smile::laughing:


Incredible. The patience required to design & make that is amazing :slightly_smiling_face:


Sir you are a evil, dishonest and mischievous… GENIUS!!!:grin::grin::grin: Thanks for this great idea :stuck_out_tongue:

And @Jules if we are going to die anyway, worth a try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just thinking about the time and the patient you had to design and build. Excellent work. :slight_smile: