Wooden dirk companion to the claymore

Not just any dirk, a bonny dirk.

Let’s see. This is a matching clan-themed dirk to go with the claymore I recently posted. Not much more to say about the process that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Baltic birch blade, figured black walnut handle, Yellowheart pommel, redheart inlay. Materials chosen to match the claymore. Overall length is about 18”.


Perfect. Get the sword stuck in your opponent, dispatch his friend with the dirk.

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Geez o Pete, that is awesome.

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Turned out amazing love the inlay on the end to match the larger. Did you spin the handle in a lathe to sand it so perfectly?

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Nope, all hand sanded. (ok started and roughed in with a dremel to remove a lot of material, then hand sanded)

The handle design was definitely tricky, but it’s quite traditional, so there we go.

etc. I modeled my own based on several examples, and simply made lots of layers are the appropriate sizes, and sanded them like I do all my layered constructions from boxes to sword handles.


I am sure that I’ll absolutely love this, sometime tomorrow when the photos finally load. The one downside to our peaceful remote life is the stupid Internet connection… sigh


That thistle is awesome :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

:notes: Scour the dirk and face the danger,
@evansd2 has all ta’ do! :notes:

I’m really enjoying the recent series. My grandfather made my brother and me (simple) wooden swords when I was little. I still have mine. A good memory. I probably have nephews and nieces who need one.


Scale check. Is that a chicken egg? Ostrich? We demand a banana.

The dirk is very nice indeed; the thistle detail and stag’s head are lovely.

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Chicken egg.

I demand a banana too, but quarantine.


Geez, it’s not like I didn’t post one in the free files area! :wink:

And I finally got to see the dirk, and I love it. You’re making me want to make these, and I have no idea what I’d do with them after!


Wow. Wow. Wow.

Your creativity paired with this machine = amazeballs.

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For some reason the blades I am seeing are quite different than I recall from before but I am thinking more of going that way. I have a large Bowie from back then that I just made a leather sheath for and no other changes, that might want for a bit of a revisit.

Your gkid(s) will take care of that.

I believe these are dual use in case the corona virus mutates into either the zombie or vampire apocalypse.


A lot of wow on this post! Love the handle and the Celtic design.