Wooden engine (air powered)



This looks like it might be fun to try with the Glowforge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRmFAopH80o

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 11, 2017

That guy needs a CNC!


That’s right! When he says “Im gonna glue this part, partially because Im lazy” I was, you’re serious? :astonished: You did a lot of things by hand.


I’ve seen a couple of interviews where he says that he’s largely against CNC machines because they waste so much wood. Negative ghost rider.


Matthias: I have wondered whether or not he got an offer for an XCarve and turned it down. Many of the other YouTube lumber jocks got them. He has a video of a visit to a shop to cut a gear on a laser. I think his presence jinxed it. Although he is the surpreme jig and tool maker, I can imagine him doing the calculations and making a compare and contrast video and then basically dismissing the whole CNC world as superfluous. Hey if Alexander Dumas could crank out his thousands of words a week using a pen, why would anyone need to write with something else?

On the other hand, have you seen Frank Howarth’s new CNC? Pretty sweet deal.


I can only dream about having Frank’s shop space and tools. One day…


I do love Matthias’ work, but while I’m okay at traditional woodworking, I doubt I could build my own wooden power tools the way he does, so I’m just as happy sticking to the laser and CNC for the everyday stuff :slight_smile:


I just envisioned a hand-controlled CNC… like a giant etch-a-sketch with a router! Just turn the two knobs!


Sounds like Matthias’ pantorouter – probably my favorite tool of his: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wZ1v4PIsYI

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 11, 2017

That… is… amazing!

Just subscribed to his channel!


Or you could build one of these more realistic models, though a laser wouldn’t be much help, I’m afraid.


I remember him also saying he’s anti-CNC because he doesn’t want his videos to be “unwatchable”. :slight_smile: He’s got a point!

He’s somewhat lucky since he wouldn’t have to deal with coolant. When that gets in the mix videos become somewhat un-recordable.


Well two guys have basically done that. Time and creativity and all that jazz.


Whenever I see these lightweight router jigs I have to smile a little. Not that I’ve ever thrown a piece across the shop when a cut bogged down or anything.


The pantorouter by Mathias is pretty stout but the aluminum build one is the bomb.


One day I’ll have time to build one…