Wooden spiral staircase lasermade



This is one of the things I would love to do with my Glowforge :grinning:… the only problem is that I live in a one floor apartment :sweat_smile: but it is a nice idea :slight_smile:



That is awesome. I would totally build that if I could replace the one in my condo.


Very cool, I love spiral staircases! The lack of handrail on that one is concerning though.


Didn’t stop the woman behind the Winchester House in California when she ran out of places to put stairways :slight_smile:


It’s gorgeous, but I do wonder a little about the floor loading on that central piece… (Now I want to make one with cutouts. Hmm, if I were really stupid I sort of have a place for a spiral staircase…)


And illegal in some states.


Fun fact: Glowforge cofounder/CTO Mark built a CNC plasma torch in his garage to build a metal spiral staircase. (It’s gorgeous). Then he retrofitted it with a laser because hey, why not, and you know what happened next…


I say do it anyway. Who cares if it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s art!


I see no reason that a handrail couldn’t be added. The laser means you can calculate the curve geometry and lay up the rail with short, thin sections. Then just add some uprights. Could even do cutouts in the uprights to keep the open look. Use thin enough sheet and you could do some spirals or cloud shapes or a mural along the railing uprights.


For some reason i thought this was posted here, before but can’t find it. Must have been just seeing the original YouTube channel: HomeMadeModern. Ben Uyeda documents his design to execution very well. The handrail is in the works.


or you can use some poles as handrail an also they can be used also to join the wood on the stairs… yeah it probably look like a cage :sweat_smile: but safe :wink:


Using vertical poles to support a handrail would also lock in the alignment of the pieces. I wonder if you would even need glue.


Yeah i know! I have seen a lot of things to do in the Glowforge I wasn’t sure if it was here or not… so I expended a full day searching in all the forum just to be sure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: … It is my first post, so I wanted to be sure :wink:


This was cut on a CNC machine, and the wood was pretty thick compared to what you will be cutting on your glowforge. Im not exactly sure what thickness he was cutting, but it might take a few passes for a forge to make it through something a little thinner from just a visual inspection.


It was, here:


I would just go with thinner material and more total layers. Means more glue applied by you instead of already present in the plywood. But not a big issue I imagine.


-Thanks. So I wasn’t crazy. Just couldn’t find it in searches. It was a naked post.


You could always build a spiral and use it a bookshelf or a nice place to holds plants etc.


rails? Naw… make a giant acrylic tube !!!

(have fun trying to get anything wider than you up the stairs though…:confused:)


My kid’s hamster has demonstrated how to carry things up a tube.

One second while I jam a sofa in my cheeks.