Wooden Tree Slices

Hi! We’re new to Glowforge and already we’re having lots of fun cutting out new things! :heart_eyes:

Does anyone know if tree bark is engravable on the Glowforge? I’ve seen a company where you can purchase the log slices and have a real desire to get engraving!

Thank you for any advice!

Hey welcome. Good news, there have been some posts about this. A quick search for “tree slice” finds this:


Read though these posts and you’ll get going in the right direction.

I will say that there are a few skills to learn about to get a good result here, you’ll definitely want to learn about engraving without the crumb tray. Again a quick search for “without crumb tray” will get you all the info you need.

Since you’re just getting started I’d suggest reading lots of the basics to get a solid start. The research time is well worth it.:

Have fun!


Extremely generic as some is smooth and some like oak, way too rough. for the most part there would not be a problem if the wood was not extremely flammable or filled with some preservative, much like the wood,

However the wood slices commonly sold are basswood and only have the bark around the outside so should be no problem when under a half inch thick, but as noted would need to have support without the crumb tray if thicker.

Those who make them do not consider the thickness or even precision 0 degrees angle between the faces to be of much significance, so there is some variety of results.

“crumb tray” alone or “no crumb tray” or "supports’ especially in the free design area will get lots of info there.


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