Wool Coasters

Has anyone tried engraving/watermarking/etching wool coasters? Besides the smell…how well does it work if at all and with what settings?


Yes, the laser lady (@smcgathyfay ) did some tests for us on wool about a year ago: :grinning:


Awesome thread! Thanks! Has anyone since tried it with a :glowforge:? I would like to make coasters for my Sailing Club, but I need to know how well it will turn out before buying a bunch of wool coasters to be ready for our Christmas event.

Hmmmn. Don’t know if anyone has actually tried it on a Glowie, but it works just like any other laser, so technically feasible. Maybe just pick up a few to test first? You have your machine?

(You could probably start out with felt settings - i think we have those in the Beyond the Manual category.)

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I have a few coasters here, but just got the golden ticket on Monday, so…4-6 weeks before I can try it? :wink:

It’s running a lot less than six weeks these days, three is average i think …you’ll probably make it. (Or you can see if someone is willing to trade a sheet of PG to test it now…that seems to be gaining some steam.) :grinning:

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So I just ran a test for you on some wool felt I got a few days ago.
Here ya go
I picked these numbers as a WAG (wildassguess) and they worked pretty well.
Cut @ 500 speed / 50 power* (*A small amount of fiber didn’t cut the way through, but the edges look good.)
Engrave @ 980 speed / 40 power vary power 225 lpi
height .023

Here’s the wool I used. It’s pretty thin and would need to double up on it or preferably find a much thicker felt. Oh, it stinks to high heaven too!
(@sailbyc I moved your question to the “Beyond the Manual” section since we’re talking settings. Hope that’s OK w/you.)



AWESOME! Thanks. Looks as though it works well. My coasters are 1/8” thick, so should be ok.

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Glad it was useful for ya. :slight_smile: Do you mind sharing where you find the nice coasters?

Sure! You can get them here: https://www.feltcoasters.com


Cool, thanks for the link. They look like nice quality. And who would have thunk to look for felt coasters on a website called "feltcoasters.com " lol (Not me obviously) :laughing:


Those coasters look amazing! I will anxiously await hearing more about how these turn out on the real deal. I love me some hexagons.

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