Word Cloud Name Art Cork Coaster

First time engraving cork! Love the result!

I work in a essential manufacturing facility. We been ‘slammed’ huge orders to build medical equipment that is important to fight CoViD19. It’s nothing like the front line workers are going through but it’s stressful to keep up with demand. Everyone is taking it seriously as we WANT to get these to hospitals who desperately need them. It’s wearing on my colleagues so we made a mini-whatsapp group to share jokes, encouragement and often venting sessions that wouldn’t be appropriate at work. For fun I did a word cloud art as a “Happy Friday” gif. Then they wanted a coaster.


Nice, and thanks for your contribution to the fight.


Nice! I have got to try cork, it sure come up with good contrast.

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I was surprised how great it came out on the first try

Keep their spirits up.

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Nice! I’m sure you received more than one smile when they saw this.


What settings did you use?

I somehow deleted the final settings in my app so I can’t remember the exact setting for this project. I did start off based on this post and dialed it up a little until I got the look I wanted on the cork:

Thanks for the reply. When engraving are what are your settings for LPI?

I think it might have been 340