Work with a Wemo control?



Instead of using the rear on/off switch would a voice activated socket switch work?
Like this?


I’ve got one light on something like this and have thought about it…


I tried this with my 3D printer, but it kept randomly shutting off.

Other people will have had different experiences, but this was mine.


They have been around awhile…


We have this on our xmas tree each year…it has a setting for either 2 claps or 3… Either one, the dog learned he can turn it on and off with his barking…lol


i recommend avoiding noise controlled outlets; you can never be certain what will set them off (which would be at best frustrating if it happened in the middle of a cut). if you don’t mind using a device as an intermediary, you can get app-controlled outlets instead.


Bah! Do you not want to control lighting with the clap of your hands!


never. what if i want to get my stomping and clapping on???


Ohhh! I have an outlet that can be controlled by and Amazon Echo. Now I know what I’m going to do with it.


Be careful with these automation outlets. Many of them are only rated up to 5 or 6 amps, for lighting. You need to make sure you are getting one that supports appliances.


The one in the OP is 15A.


Thanks for the clarification, I misread it as 5A. It’s still important for folks to know to pay attention to that rating; and I’ve seen many people make that mistake.



Good thing it’s just the on-off switch. “Alexa, engrave my house…”

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