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This popped up on my Facebook feed today and I thought I would share. It seems pretty awesome, and I believe there are a few scrapbookers here. I’m pretty sure people could use it for other storage solutions as well.


So, overall I LOVE things like this but the problem I have found is keeping things organized AND using the space. Most of the creative people I know can not be this organized no matter what. Heck, I’ve tried doing stuff like this… and things either end up in there to die or the doors never get closed and everything is spilling out everywhere…

All that being said, Yea I want one. :smiley:


Yeah, these types of cabinets are very clever, I just wish I had the floor space to actually open it up! :smiley:


Same as @lcuellar63 - I wish I had the flooor space to open it… Some day I’ll learn to be organized… But I did like the idea of the Velcro zippered bags… inside a closet door or instead of hooks which need something to hang from them - or “cups” that you can’t see what you filed it with, the clear bags with Velcro to stick on the side of something is interesting… :thinking:


This popped up on my Facebook too. I already have someone asking to price it out. The problem is finding the bins and designing around them.


As amazingly designed as that is…there’s no way mine would ever look that clean and organized! Knowing me, I would fill it up, never touch anything inside, and continue using the scattered materials on my desk :laughing:


what IS the price on this? Hope you’ll find out soon!


I have to concur with all those that say creative folks will have a hard time being that organized. That said, I have been thinking for a couple years about building something like this in a corner of my office/studio as an electronics workbench.


A friend priced it out. It starts at $10K and unless someone backs out, they are sold out for all of 2017.


10k? I thought the site said 1500$ plus or minus.


And sold out??? Wow, some people have lots of scratch to throw around…- Rich


Website states $250 down toward $1,500 to $2,000…


I didn’t talk to them directly. My fired said they told her $10K plus shipping and they were sold out for 2017. Maybe she talked to someone with a competing product? I’ll have to check with her.

They are offering financing for a $1,600-$2000 product?


Just talked to my friend. It was a custom order price because she wanted real wood shelves (not pressed board) metal pins for the shelves instead of the plastic clips, more durable hinges and a built in 1" riser so it could be used in a room with carpet.


Okay, that explains it. Custom orders always cost more. I’m surprised it is almost 10x the amount, but hey. I’m never any good at determining how much furniture costs. It always looks too expensive for me.

I found this pricing on there site:


But $10k? Let’s see…that buys a GF, a CNC carver, a 3D printer, and a vinyl cutter. - Rich


She wasn’t using it for scrapbooking or sewing, so she needed stronger hinges, shelves that won’t sag under any weight or the plastic pins holding the shelves breaking and spilling the contents.


Oftentimes custom job quotes aren’t a reflection of increased costs but a measure of disinterest in taking the job on - price it so high you think they’ll decide not to order it after all or at least you’ll make a boatload for something you really don’t want to do.


That’s exactly what I was thinking! My laser room is SO small, I’d be lucky to fit the whole cabinet in there, much less be able to actually open it and use it. Gorgeous, though…and me being such a neatnik, I think it would stay pretty organized.


Ballast is another concern, depending on how and what it is loaded with.
My sense of self preservation would prompt me to fasten it to the wall on top to prevent toppling when swinging those loaded wings open…