Question for Glowforge peeps: Is it necessary/ beneficial for the Glowforge to be in the same room as the computer using the interface?

I ask as my Glowforge will be setup in my garage workspace. My computer is in the house in my office. I’m trying to figure out the best workflow… Design and interact with the Glowforge UI, then run out to the garage to hit “print” seems a hassle.

How are you folks with units setup?


I had a similar question Andy and you might find some helpful info here. Lots of good input.


Necessary? No. Beneficial? Yes.

Mine is right behind me and if it is loaded I don’t even have to get up to push the button but if it were two or three rooms away it would not be a disaster as once the button is pushed no more interaction with the computer is accepted.


Mine is in the next room. Once the print is sent there is no further need for the computer. In fact my computer froze up during a print (not the fault of the GF app, I’ve been getting these random freezes for quite some time) and the print finished just fine.

If you have an iPad or other tablet, you could bring up the app and watch it print while standing in front of the machine if you like.


Might be worth a cheap semidisposable tablet to do the final alignment and stuff.


If you did what I just did, it’s a 54 minute print. So I would be very sad if I didn’t have my computer while I babysit the project. Also a few times I’ve realize the wood wasn’t where I wanted it, or whatever, so if I had to run back and forth I would be sadder…


Thanks guys! I do have an iPad. So I can do the main work on my computer, send the job up, and then babysit the Glowforge with iPad in hand if I need to make adjustments. Sounds like a winner!


Can’t stress enough that I get pretty antsy watching the print. I’m always working on the next design while I am printing. The iPad works well for sending a print but it’s a bit hard to do fine placement with it.

I have my Glowforge on the other side of my desk and I keep a web cam on the bed streaming to a window on the computer so I can keep an eye on it without getting up. I have been known to be in The kitchen with a GoPro streaming the bed while I cook.

The design computer is significant. I take my best computer home from the office on the weekend so I can do what I want in designs faster.

I have been thinking about this and since the Glowforge is designed to be an office or home device it’s operation shouldn’t be too obtrusive. But noise and the smells do make a statement.


That’s my workflow too. Especially on long projects.


@marmak3261 makes a good point, if it is a simple cut I’ll stand and wait for it but some engravings are long. Even with the unit right behind me I need to get a Webcam.


Me three. (Or remember to tinkle before starting long prints.)


If using your phone to print or set up the job, here is an interesting kickstarter at only about $100 to make it a dedicated “tablet” screen for the forge.


I backed this one a couple days ago, thinking it’d be handy mounted in the dash of the car. Controlling the GF would be a great use for it, though.


Backed it also! I’m a sucker for new gadgets…


Just don’t forget that Kickstarters are almost always late - but who would know that better than a GF pre-order customer?


A glowforge is never late. It arrives precisely when it is meant to
…two years after it’s planned, perhaps, but very precisely then.


I just caught it on my own and said, " I must share this!!" but first let me do a search. That’s how a professional rolls so… bump


That’s where it’s at! And that’s why we pay you the big bucks. :wink:


OK, it may be US vernacular, but does that mean what I think it means ?


If you think she needs to make a restroom trip before starting long prints, then yes :slight_smile: