Working with metal inox sheet of 1/16 inch of thickness


I have a Glowforge Pro and
I have read than Glowforge was not able to cut metal. This is for all model or the pro model is enought strong to cut in a 1/16 inch thickness inox metal sheet ?
If I could not cut in one pass it’is possible with multi phase ?

You cannot cut metal with a 40/45w co2 laser - you need a fiber laser, or like a 150w co2.


this is for any model. no GF has enough power to cut metal.


Ok thank you for the information.

I have read than I could engrave metal sheets. This work ?

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you can use a marking spray, like ceremark, to put a mark on top of the metal. or you can buy metal that is anodized (like anodized aluminum) and engrave the coating off to reveal the metal underneath.


You can use a marking product to ‘engrave/etch’. One product is Cermark-works well. I have used it on metal.
Do a search for Cermark or marking metal. Here’s a start…

Since INOX is stainless steel you may be able to mark it with an acid like vinegar and using the laser. Other users have had permanent marks on stainless using this method.

1/16 inch stainless is pretty hefty and you will not be able to cut it with the Glowforge.


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