Workshop Sign


Although I’ve been a GF owner for quite a while now, I haven’t shared any of my creations yet. that changes today :blush:. For Christmas, this is a sign I made for my dad’s workshop.

Materials: proofgrade medium & thick maple plywood, medium walnut plywood. Glued using Gorilla Super Glue. Sign dimensions are approximately 14" X 8"


Wow. Beautiful work. Please consider sharing more.


That looks wonderful! Great job.


The sign is beautiful. We used to live in Wilmington. Now we’re in Tewksbury, but I miss Wilmington. :slight_smile:


Yeah, “wow!” is right! You show excellent choices in the design, font choice, layout and use of white space. (Is graphic design your chosen profession?) :grinning:


Love the raised letters-- the dimensionality really makes it pop!


How beautiful! Your Dad is going to love it! Everything is perfect! Your layout, font choices, and accents! Just stunning!


That looks wonderful, I’m sure he will be proud.


Not a ROOKIEWOOKIE any more :sunglasses::glowforge:


That is AWESOME! Just gave me an idea for my workshop…


Thank you, I’m planning on devoting more time to this and sharing more on here :blush:


@Jules - yes, I’m a graphic designer by trade ;-). I spent days searching through fonts trying to find the “right” one lol. The glyph options on this one is what sold me. Thank you for the kind words :blush:


What a gorgeous sign! Really love the 3D look.


Nice swooshes on that font. What’s it called?


Very nice. I really that sign :slight_smile:


Love three layering, such a fun sign!


@GrooveStranger - I accessed the alternate swoosh glyphs through the Adobe Illustrator interface when I was designing it.


Thanks, putting those on my wishlist. Good find!


I just love the dimensions and layout of the sign! Really wonderful design.


That is really great. Super choice on font. I like it!!!