Workspace is ready!

New dryer vent installed, built work area, and have baskets ready for materials. All I need now is my Glowforge! September 25th!!!


Just a tip… more storage… :wink:


You may find that the shelves might be 24" wide and ~12" deep and having a shelf every 4" not a bad thing while the baskets not being 24" in any direction could make them a good place for all the jars, cans, and etc. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll take the tip! Haha. My plan is to build out more storage on the other side of the garage. Right now it’s a mess of scrap wood. But hopefully will be organized by the time it gets here:)


Thanks for the ideas! I think I’ll build some of those shelves to the left of the work area. Pumped to start creating!


What are the temperature and humidity conditions in your garage at different times of the year?


nice piece of cedar


Looks like you’re ready to get started! The baskets are cute, but you’ll want most of your materials stored flat anyway.

Can’t wait to see what you make!


Looks good! Love the cedar(?) plank cross-piece!!

Now for the OCD: May I please come over and neatly coil up the cord above the vacuum?


I can’t really tell from here for sure. Your table looks sturdy and all. Just want to sure that it has a good flat area for the Glowforge bottom runners to sit on. The case is structural and any twist in the bottom can translate to alignment issues for the axes.

Glad to know that people are still getting excited about the Glowforge. It is a great tool. Hope you have a good Out of Box Experience! Looking forward to seeing what you create.


That’s a question I was wondering myself. I’m in north Florida. I was worried about the space being to hot or humid. I do keep the garage closed but I’m not running a dehumidifier. I’m going to put a sensor in there and track it. Do you happen to know the humidity and temps I should be in range with?

:joy::joy: it’s a work in progress! If it makes you feel better the shopvac is brand new and just came out of the box! :joy:


Thanks for the feedback @marmak3261! The workbench has a planked top but it should be flat. If there’s anything that seems off when it comes in I’ll probably keep a flat board over the planks. I have read some stories about people having issues out of the box. Did you have any issues when yours came in? Also, I’m thinking of adding a square trade policy on the Glowforge. Any recommendations on that or adding a different one? I’m getting the basic so 6 months warranty is a bit scary.

I think you will find that heat is your biggest problem unless you have the space air conditioned. Recommended operating temperature is 60F-75F on the Basic. If your ambient temp is above that it will not be operating. Even in the upper ranges It will stop and cool off before proceeding frequently part way through.

Humidity could be a bigger problem with wood warping, but if you have something to lower the temperature it will likely be removing humidity as well


rbt posted directly above this post, is your garage air conditioned?

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What a picturesque workspace! Hopefully the Glowforge won’t introduce a jarring modernity to the scene. Maybe you could cover it’s surfaces with Proofgrade veneer! :laughing:


Welcome to the community!
Regarding the table, I had a slight rub on one side of the lid which didn’t really bother me, but I moved the machine to another table to clean the exhaust grill - and the rub was gone. When I moved it back the rub returned.
Level is good but flat is important.

Enjoy your adventure! Over 2 years in and it still thrills me.


You can’t have enough storage for material. When you realize you want to try everything … you will be glad you made three times the storage space you thought you’d need.

Love your excitement for your new arrival!


That is one mighty fine looking work space!! Can’t wait to see what your Glowforge looks like in it!


I have had several. My first production machine worked great for 11 months but then suddenly died mid job. I had to have two replacements because the alignment was way off on one and lid camera issues on another. The one I have had now for the past 12 months has been a workhorse. It works every time.

6 months is short for a warranty, It’s up to you. But there are lots of folks who have had trouble-free machines right off the bat and have worked for at least two years.

Regardless, Glowforge will work with you if there is an issue until they get it right.