World Cup Keyring!

Hi there!

Just want to share a World Cup Keyring I did as we are all connected to our tv’s now! :stuck_out_tongue:



You did a nice job!

Chuckle! Good luck!:smile:

How did you do the file? Did you find a black and white or did you edit the SVG? You did a good job of breaking it down to its simple form.

Hi there!

I’ve recreated in vector!
Yours seems to be a raster image as you gor the spots engraved and you cannot see it “purple” when in the bed.

Raster images if not made from scratch, it’s very likely to have some sort of “dirty bits” and as the glowforge is very precise, it will engrave it!

Both, the Keyring and the 3D engrave I did yesterday of a logo, I’ve created from scratch all in vector and then I’ve rastered the vector into an image.

Preferably, you would want to make the vector in the same size you want the final art to be and then raster it, do not make the vector, raster and resoze it as you can endup with pixelated end results!

I hope that helps!

Ps.: will check if I still have the file of the WC Keyring and will post it an image of it!

My file has always been a vector. I used an original SVG posted on Wikipedia. It had some open paths and with clips and gradients, had issues. I must have missed that one.

You did a good job of recreating it. Since there were lots of subtle shadows and shades in the original.

I chose different aspects of the design to engrave. I need to look at it again and get the lower right circle filled and the highlights different. Thanks for posting.

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