World map

Really quick evening project the other night.

Two layers of Baltic birch


Nice and simple. I like it.

Next up, Dymaxion globe!


I didn’t even know that was a thing. Now I need one! :joy:


Yeah that came about via this thread I think:

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Nice! I have just completed a file of that. Because of that, I recognize where you cut your losses as to which islands to eliminate. :grin: How many little pieces do you want to deal with when you install it on the wall?
I’m trying to resist the urge to use the fairy lights I have to illuminate them from behind…

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I’ve been trying to decide if I have the patience to glue down all the cut outs on another piece to make the continents popped out instead of sunken… maybe if I can find all the pieces…


Engraved or Cut and Glued?

Says two layers so I assume Cut.

I love it! I love the simplicity and speed of it. I was thinking of something similar but was going to try an engrave and was concerned about time.

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Two pieces, cut and glued background is stained. Engraving takes so long!

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NIce design! I like the smoothness and curviness of the borders! NIce work! How big? Max bed size?

I don’t like to cut right to the edge of the bed in case I’m off slightly. I pulled it in 1/2" or so around the edges. Roughly 10.5" x 19"

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Couldn’t agree more!

I had to do it after @PrintToLaser asked about it. Which version do you prefer?

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This one looks much more traditional than the first version. I actually like the first one better :slight_smile:

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