Worx Zip Snip and plenty of cardboard


I’m ready to do some prototyping on cardboard now. A couple of months ago we got a bunch of IKEA furniture and the boxes have been sitting in a corner with the promise of some day being used in the glowforge. But they were huge boxes that we difficult to move or store. I looked online and found the Worx ZipSnip (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019CSHSW8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Mc-GybX8SE4TD) for $30 so I ordered one, and tore the boxes apart today.

This thing is awesome if you’re cutting any material that’s not too thick. I haven’t tried it on fabric yet but I expect it’d do just fine.

Part of the original stack. I forgot to take a picture at the beginning, I was too excited to start.

The final stack of cut down cardboard

The ZipSnip

Settings for Cutting/Scoring Corrugated Cardboard

I still need to find a place (more likely a few places) to store these torn down pieces of course. But that’ll be way easier than the massive box scraps would’ve been.


That would make a nice gift idea too! :relaxed:


Totally would. Good idea.


@Jules is dropping hints… :smiley:


Too obvious? Chuckle! :relaxed:


Thanks. I ordered one now. I don’t have as big a stash of cardboard, but did not like laying the cardboard on a cutting board and using a razor knife.

It may be handy for cutting my rolls of HTV and vinyl down when cutting on my Silhouette Cameo. Scissors or a paper splitter work OK, but this could also be good.

I’ve also got some banquet chairs to re-upholster and this should work very well to cut the upholstery vinyl I’ll be using on them.

Thanks for the tip!


Well, add me to the list. I’m going to buy one, too. I marvel at how many tools and devices I’ve never even heard of, or could guess even exist. I have this ‘thing’ about keeping boxes that are really sturdy and I have *ahem…over-collected, you could say. If one could see my old basement side room, they might think I am a hoarder! And, bonuussss…I can use the cardboard in the Glowforge. Win win! Thanks for the heads up!


I just redid my kitchen with Ikea cabinets and have a similar sized pile!


Might be overkill, but my tablesaw will make quick work of cardboard.


Dude! You just cut yourself…get the Worx! ROFL! :smile:


I use my table saw to cut my cardboard. Works great because I set the fence at 12 inches and 20 inches, and viola, I have perfect sheets that stack neatly. :grinning:


Definitely what I’d do if I had a table saw too.


You guys are a bad influence. Making me buy things. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After I patched my finger up, I went back in the shop to finish the project. So yeah, healthy respect for the tools, but not afraid of them.


Cool tool. Just need one with 12x20" guide…


That’s what you get with the table saw.

Or, you know, once you have a Glowforge, you can make a custom fence for your cutter at 12 and 20 inches. It just has to keep the blade a certain distance from a known edge.


WOW gang… never once thought about the table saw to cut down the cardboard. DUH. and I’ve been running mine like crazy as I attack 1100 square feet of flooring that I’m installing.


that’s the beauty of group discussion. Someone might just say something that makes everyone go “that’s so simple, why didn’t we think of that before?”


Amazing looking tool. Gotta get me one of those. :smiley: