Wouldn't it be cool?!



Wouldn’t it be cool if the Glowforge took a picture of your workpiece, and subtracted that image from your raster image in order to negate the color differences in the wood? I’m sure it wouldn’t be as straightforward as this, but in this way, your raster image would look more uniform perhaps over the whole area.

I also think it would be cool if we could turn the Glowforge into a YAG or fiber laser (with the removable head option and we know the tube has to be removable for replacement…what I don’t know is if the mirrors would be destroyed).


A fibre laser doesn’t need to use mirrors. The fibre can run to the head.


Now I am imagining a cycle where the tube fires for some tiny fraction of a second and then the head camera takes another pic of the area being zapped to determine if the color is right, slowly converging to exactly the right value.

(I also think Piet Hein had something to say about this)




I only knew he was a physicist, but that was wonderful.
However, reading down to his others, I think T.T.T. should be a must for everyone on the forum !


Holy Moly!!