WOW- Stuck - Homing My Machine is Whacked out

Not sure what happened but my Machine is Offline : Stuck on Homing Made a Terrible Noise when I turned it on.

Please help ASAP , These Updates have been my biggest fear .

They’re working on it.


Than you, lovely @geek2nurse! I got on the forum to see if there was anything I could do, and you answered my question right away :heart_eyes_cat:


Same here. I’m currently stuck on Centering Homing & Focusing. My machine is going back & forth between them all. it sounds like its about to start up & then i hear a “poof” sound as if something blew

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The same here , Im wondering if we should be turning our machines off or leave them on ??

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So is everyone having a problem? Not my machine? That would make me feel sooooo much better. I am new and literally have had this working for only a few weeks :frowning:

I turned mine off several times. i have it on now just waiting. Its stuck on centering & the laser is in the middle of the machine

yep! :sweat_smile:

Yep. Spent my entire lunch hour troubleshooting. Wish I would have checked here earlier.

thank you I feel so much better!

So is mine but should we have them off for the UPDATE OR FIX ?

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I have the same question…

Same here. Even cleaned my machine twice!

Both my machines are stuck between homing, centering, and focusing. I’ve tried everything…from rebooting to restarting my router/laptop, and doing set up again. Nothing.

I doubt it matters.

This is a major reason I dislike this style system where the cloud is responsible for the operation of the machine.
I have now been delayed because the unit is literally unusable to me right now.

These are the moments i regret this purchase

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They are saying a fix has been implemented

i turned mine off

It working again. My machine was doing all the same things. Now it sounds different. But working great!

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Mine too! Finally