Wow! This is weird!


Totally non-laser topic…but this is too strange not to share.

It’s currently raining on exactly half of the street. The water goes exactly up to the centerline, and just stops.

Left side - dry as a bone.

Little cloud must have just decided to park for a while. (Directly over us as it happens, but there you go.)

I love inexplicable things…


Cloaked space ship obviously parked outside your house.




Pics or it didn’t happen!

:smiley: j/k


I wanted to take one - but the camera isn’t catching it.

(Might be a freaking space ship at that!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does it quite a bit here (ok, maybe not perfectly on the center-line of the st, but still) the rain has to stop somewhere :wink: lol


Chuckle! Here too, but our house is sitting in a curve. The rain actually followed the curve in the street as well as the straight part for a while there.

It’s stopped now.

But it was freaky!
(Queue up the Twilight Zone music!)


Lol, that is freaky


ROFL! Okay, I know you guys are never going to believe this without photographic proof, so I ran outside in front of the neighbor’s yard crew…(who are now probably dialing the guys in the white jackets as we speak)…and took a couple of shots from one direction. (The other way shows the straight part of the street, but I didn’t want to scare the crew into abandoning the job. They already think I’m nuts.)

The dry spots right in front of the house are where we have some tall trees hanging over the street.


Yup, that there is some witchcraft. You better find yourself a duck so you can find some witches.


Just a glitch in the Matrix.


And the photo reminds me - I need to loan some poison to the neighbor so she can deal with those cinch bugs before they totally eat her lawn. They’ve already gotten a large toe-hold.

(The downside to using a commercial lawn service around here.)


Reminded me of this;

No bad Juju involved. A shot of my driveway as it began to rain after a sunny afternoon. The left is West, and the drive takes about a 3 degree deeper slope at the joint. The difference is the amount of energy the two surfaces had absorbed. Just 3 more degrees toward the sun.
As I walked around the corner and saw this it stopped me in my tracks. A good indication of the clean source of energy we have available to us.
Thinking of clean energy, kinda poetic that the pic includes a petrochemical stain on it… :thinking:


“If she weighs less than a duck… BURN HER!!!”


Petrochemicals are just refined nature, there is nothing bad about that. very green.


Till you start burning them to carry your well-fed behind around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Pretty cool. I had that experience this morning driving to work. No rain at my house and a mile away pouring. The first time I experienced the edge of rain as a child was mind-altering. It was pouring in the back yard and sunny in the front yard. Stuck that way for a while. I was freaked out. My older brother told me that it is nothing special. The rain has to stop somewhere. Really grokked geography for the first time and the serendipity of place. The world stopped revolving around me (well, at least for a little while.)


Are you sure that the street sweeper hadn’t come by? :joy:


We don’t get no stinkin’ street sweepers! :laughing: