Wow, y'all ain't gonna believe what I made!



It’s just a box… but it’s my* first box.

Here’s a video.

*Based entirely on @jkopel’s design, but not nearly as well executed.
Also, I put the hinges on wrong.
And I didn’t adjust the latch for my material width, so I used self-adhesive magnets.


It’s an amazingly cute little hinged box! :grinning:


Yes, very cute!


Cute, and it closes with a satisfying snap!


Oh sweet, that is fantastic! I had forgotten about that one.

I kept meaning to make more when they got engrave working, so I guess that is now. I wanted to engrave a spot for the hinges to sit so they would’ve lined up nicely.


First box or not, EXCITING DUDE!

Just adds to my own excitement for when mine comes late November. :slight_smile:


Cool! Love it!


Oh thats just fun!!


It’s a magnetic hinged box! Now you have me thinking of all the little things I’d store on my refrigerator door…


Cool box! Nice job!


Great use of magnets! and a lovely box.