Wrapped in Mystery Puzzle Box

Two issues - 1. These files originally opened just fine for me, but the next day even though they were in my dashboard, they now do not load/show for me to cut with multiple attempts to open. All other files are just fine, whether from the “free with premium” designs or my own designs. What is extremely frustrating is that I cut one of the three files just fine, but when I went back to do the other 2, no luck. Who likes to do just part of a project?

  1. I used the Support link and submitted this issue along with pictures 48+ hours ago. It is ridiculous that no one even answers me in that time (I keep checking email…). I am starting to wonder why I am paying for Premium, since I don’t even see increased speed times in designs loading. I wish Premium was for some increased level of support instead.

You would have received an automated response immediately, if you did not get that then either your email is filtering their responses to spam, or your email is being filtered by their email. By posting here you’ve let them know there is an issue.

You can reset designs purchased from the :glowforge: catalog by clicking


Hi @djhrulon,

I see you also emailed us about this issue. It looks as though you did not receive the reply that we sent to you on Monday. I sincerely apologize for the frustration this has caused you. I have resent the response to you on your original email ticket thread. If you don’t receive the response within the next 30 minutes, please check your spam/junk mail folder.

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Hello @djhrulon,

I just wanted to check in and see if you received the email that I sent to you yesterday? If you did not receive the email, but are receiving forum notifications please let me know and I will switch our support over to this forum thread instead. Thank you!

Morgan, yes, I did receive your message but did not have time until now to try what you suggested. I have never had to use the reset design feature before, and in the past when I’ve deleted something from my Workspace, it pulled up just fine the next time.

I did not in any way receive an email sooner than yours though, and to the earlier responder, I did in fact check my spam/junk messages. I searched “Glowforge” everywhere in my email first, and waited two days before posting here. It is in fact frustrating to have to wait so long for support response, and I am certainly not the first person to complain about Glowforge’s lack of prompt response to customer inquiries.

I do appreciate that I can continue with this project now though. Thank you!

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@djhrulon, I am so sorry to hear that you did not receive my colleague’s earlier response to you. I will let our internal teams know that the email did not make it to you so they can investigate and fix the issue. I completely understand your frustration. I promise you we do review all of the feedback we receive from our customers and are working to get improvements in place.

I am glad to hear you were able to continue with your project. Should you run into any other issues or have any questions please let us know.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!