Writing on Wooden Spoons

Has anyone else engraved on wooden spoons? I was wondering what you put as your material? Thank you for your help

You can use any of the Proofgrade plywoods as a starting point for settings, or use uncertified material and input settings of your own. It is unlikely you know what kind of wood the spoon is made of, but it really doesn’t matter. Wood is wood is wood.


This thread will give you some tips for engraving on spoons:

But before you try that, it sounds like maybe you haven’t worked through the “Your First Prints” tutorials offered when you finished setting up your Glowforge. They will eliminate a LOT of the painful learning curve people go through who skip past them! This one in particular will answer your current question:

Happy lasering!


Wooden spoon?!?!? Sure!! All the time!

Are we talking olive wood, beech wood, acacia wood, bamboo, etc?

The material is not defined by the specific use (i.e. spoon) it is defined by so much more and if the settings don’t match the wood, then it just wont turn out well at all.


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