Wrong autofocus calculation

Anyone run into this problem? I’m trying to engrave a piece of big box birch, and the digital calipers say it is 0.46", but the Glowforge is giving me the error about having to be less than 0.5" when using the crumb tray.

But…it is less than 0.5"…

Is there something I need to do to make the autofocusing more accurate?


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Probably the fastest course of action would be to remove the honeycomb tray, elevate your material about 1.25" and try the set focus.


I got some weird errors about this a couple days ago when I was engraving something without the tray (but the focus was well within the range). A hard refresh of the GFUI (cmd-shift-R on a mac, ctrl-shift-R on a pc) wound up making it stop. Not sure if it’ll work for you but basically painless so it’s worth a shot.

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Not uncommon, you’re talking about 4 hundredths of an inch. This is handy for positioning without the tray. Makes it real easy to get within focus range with shims under your material.


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @lukeyes.

As others have stated, the best way to perform your print would be by removing the Crumb Tray.

You can print on objects up to 2" thick by removing the crumb tray. However, your Glowforge can’t focus too far down, so you may need to put something laser-compatible underneath your material to lift it up. Raise it until the top surface of your material is between 1.5" and 2" (50 mm) high, measured from the metal plate on the bottom.

Our community has developed some great Tips and Tricks, and this illustrated guide might be just what you need.

Would you let me know if you’re able to perform your print?

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