Wrong settings on proofgrade

Hi… i’m using proofgrade acrylic, got my image set up for an engrave, looked at the settings ( which are reading 1000 speed, full power??) and i get a message saying 'these are not recommended settings etc. I’ve dropped the power setting but still getting the same message. Any ideas?

Are you using the pre-set settings for PG acrylic from the drop down menu in the UI? Is the camera reading the barcode on your material? You shouldn’t have to manually set anything

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What material is selected for this item?

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Once you click into the PG settings it thinks you’ve changed them, even if you haven’t. That warning comes up anytime you’re not using PG settings. It won’t come up if your item says “Engrave” but will if it says “1000/full”. Click the back button in the settings box to get back to “Engrave”.

1000/full is accurate for some PG settings. If it were 1/full you’d be asking to start a :fire:.

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