WW II Medal Display Case




Binding posts are technically slightly different as they’re supposed to be longer - they’re a specific type of Chicago Screw.

Chicago Screws are also called sex screws (for obvious reasons).


It may be a slightly regional thing. I always purchased them as binding posts

McMaster: https://www.mcmaster.com/#binding-posts/=1e31z5x
Home Depot: https://www.homedepot.com/s/binding%20posts?NCNI-5


That is my new favorite project. Very well done. :sunglasses:


As for those Chicago Screws, I prefer the brass looking ones.
The silver ones just look cheap when next to the brass looking.

Your mileage may vary


Really nice presentation! A tribute!


Stainless look pretty good when you don’t want the brassy contrast but aren’t okay with the aluminum gray look.


I tend to agree, in general. But I’m sure there’re cases where I’d prefer the chrome. So I ordered a set of each. :wink:


What a stunning project! A real treasure for your family!


That is an amazing display. Great work! Your grandfather would be proud.

Also, learned something new. I’ll have to pick up some Chicago screws/binding posts/whatever you call them.


Oh my! Really outstanding!


Wow, this is such a beautiful and tasteful display. Very well done!

FWIW, I agree with the suggestion to include a “legend” on the back for future generations. I think you made the right call not to include that info on the front - it would just clutter things up, and minimize the powerful visual impact that it has. Still, might be nice to record that info on the flip side for posterity and education.