WW II Medal Display Case




Binding posts are technically slightly different as they’re supposed to be longer - they’re a specific type of Chicago Screw.

Chicago Screws are also called sex screws (for obvious reasons).


It may be a slightly regional thing. I always purchased them as binding posts

McMaster: https://www.mcmaster.com/#binding-posts/=1e31z5x
Home Depot: https://www.homedepot.com/s/binding%20posts?NCNI-5


That is my new favorite project. Very well done. :sunglasses:


As for those Chicago Screws, I prefer the brass looking ones.
The silver ones just look cheap when next to the brass looking.

Your mileage may vary


Really nice presentation! A tribute!


Stainless look pretty good when you don’t want the brassy contrast but aren’t okay with the aluminum gray look.


I tend to agree, in general. But I’m sure there’re cases where I’d prefer the chrome. So I ordered a set of each. :wink:


What a stunning project! A real treasure for your family!


That is an amazing display. Great work! Your grandfather would be proud.

Also, learned something new. I’ll have to pick up some Chicago screws/binding posts/whatever you call them.


Oh my! Really outstanding!


Wow, this is such a beautiful and tasteful display. Very well done!

FWIW, I agree with the suggestion to include a “legend” on the back for future generations. I think you made the right call not to include that info on the front - it would just clutter things up, and minimize the powerful visual impact that it has. Still, might be nice to record that info on the flip side for posterity and education.


How did you get your pattern? It looks so straight forward, but tried to

  1. Scan them in and Trace the bitmaps
  2. Draw around the scanned image
  3. Different effects such as lighting, contrast, desaturate ect…


Unfortunately they are displayed incorrectly. The ribbons are displayed in threes when possible and the two that are alone should be displayed in order of precedence. Bottom row should be three ribbons with second row of three ribbons and the top row should be two ribbons. Sorry for the bad news :frowning:


I took a couple liberties with the config of the ribbons. I didn’t want to break up the 2 original rows from the 40’s to add the 2 bottom ribbons that were issued after the fact.


Here is how I redid my conventional shadowbox using your idea, I never could get the shapes as nice as yours.


I think that’s lovely! :slightly_smiling_face:


for other obvious reasons, it might be best not to search for them by that second name if you have SafeSearch turned off.


:grin: I found them on a hardware site using that search though.


that’s also what they are called by the bulk chinese suppliers that I saw.